Massages and Spa Treatments

Our professionally trained staff will pamper your hands to the fullest extent of our hand care services. You use your hands constantly and want them to stay flexible all your life and we employ the finest products that will enhance the look and feel of them. Paraffin treatment, massage and manicure will promote healthy hands and natural nails. It is our philosophy to elevate a common service to the experience of indulgence and pampering — experience your hands and nail care while enjoying the Spa.

In addition to nails, we also specialize in skincare, massage and waxing! At Cuticle Corner we embrace all aspects of body care in order to help our clients feel a total sense of rejuvenation.


Swedish Massage...$80
Traditional Swedish technique to relax the body. Increase circulation, relieve stress and aid detoxification. (1 hr)

East Meets West Combination...$100
Perfect blend of Eastern (Shiatsu & Amma, Pressure points) to release tension and western (Swedish/deep tissue) to soothe and aid the body in healing. (1 hr)

Hot Stone (Therapy) Massage...$90
Heated River Stone together with soothing massage for relaxation and to balance the energy of the body and mind. (1 hr)

Deep Tissue Sport Massage...$100
Therapeutic massage to relieve specific area of tension, aches and pain. Great for sports-related problems. (1 hr)

Pre-Natal Massage...$90
Gentle massage to relieve aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Face-up and side lying with bolsters for comfort. (1 hr)

Detailed and specialized foot/hand massage technique that works with the body's energy pathways to create a balance within the body. (30 min)